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Airports & Transport

Airports with vast open flowing spaces, constantly varying numbers of people, restaurants, shops, offices and transport links.


The flow of clean air within high tech engineering or manufacturing facilities is critical to the process.


An efficient and effective heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is one of the most important elements of a successful hotel.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Spiralite ductwork is often specified for sterile environments such as laboratories, also for environment that has a flow of conditioned air.

Leisure Centres & Sports Arenas

Spiralite ductwork can help improve both the functionality and the sustainability of sports and leisure facilities.

Construction (Commercial & Residential)

The places where we work have changed and the way people work has changed. New office and commercial buildings are built around interaction and flexibility.

Shopping Centres & Retail

Retail outlets are more successful when the experience makes people want to come, stay and spend. Environmental factors such as air quality.

Schools & Universities

Spiralite ductwork saves energy, cuts cost and reduces environmental impact, so it’s no surprise that those who are planning to deliver new education facilities.

Food Preparation & Distribution

The flow of clean air within food preparation and distribution facilities is critical to the process.

Fit Out

Spiralite pre-insulated non-metal ducting offers many advantages in refurbishment and retrofit projects. It offers:Weight savings – up to 85% lighter than GSS ducting and insulation with lower overall loads.

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