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Spiralite is an innovative, patented technology which is energy efficient, lightweight, at the same time robust and has optimal airflow and thermal performance.

Khansaheb Industries is a subsidiary of Khansaheb Investments, an establishment in UAE since 1935 owns the intellectual property rights for Spiralite insulated non-metallic HVAC ductwork across the globe.

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Spiralite is circular and flat oval non-metallic insulated AC air duct that has numerous advantages over traditional GI ducts. Its lightweight, robustness, optimal airflow, and thermal performance offer numerous benefits in weight, space, time, cost and energy consumption. These benefits provide unrivalled whole-of-life cost advantages.

Through optimal thermal and airflow efficiencies, the use of Spiralite generates energy savings in the operation of the AC system, measured at up to 58%. While HVAC makes up to 30% of the cost of a building over its lifetime, and AC ductwork is a substantial component of that, there is no ductwork product other than Spiralite that effectively reduces the energy usage and cost.

Furthermore, with a significantly lower carbon footprint (embodied energy) than metal ductwork and its other environmental attributes (no VOCs, CFC/HCFC/HFCs, Low GWP, Zero ODP, recycled and recyclable, minimal site wastage, up to 85% transport savings, lower water consumption, lower use of depleting resources, etc), Spiralite offers optimal sustainability over the lifetime of the installation.

Spiralite ductwork is approved for use by major local and international MEP consultants and is compliant with the relevant building codes and local authority regulations. Due to its environmental and sustainability credentials, it was adopted by Masdar, included in The Future Build portal and secured ADQCC Trustmark certification. Its use can, therefore, play a role in optimising performance standards and credit awards under the Estidama/Pearl, Dubai Municipality/Al Safat, BREEAM, LEED, Singapore GBP, Green Star and other global environmental assessment and rating programmes.

Spiralite is manufactured, distributed and installed exclusively from our new ‘state-of-the-art’ factory in Technopark, Dubai South, from where the products are distributed to the UAE, the GCC and global markets.

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