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Residential & Commercial

Office & Commercial Buildings

The places where we work have changed and the way people work has changed. New office and commercial buildings are built around interaction and flexibility, creating spaces where businesses can perform, breath and thrive as they compete for the best talent.

Modern commercial buildings also need to be much more energy efficient and drastically reduce CO2 emissions.

The pressure is on as more exacting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements, increased energy costs (expected to increase 80% in the next five years) and specific legislation requiring increased sustainability come in.

High End Residential

If a living space is going to be successful, we know that air quality, temperature, light and humidity need to be under control, whether the home is in the English countryside or on the beach in Dubai. Spiralite ductwork saves space and improves air quality and humidity. As the ductwork is pre-insulated, additional room for insulation lagging is not necessary and useable space can be maximised throughout any building.
With Spiralite, well designed ventilation system will help remove cooking smells, allergens and other irritants, such as tobacco smoke, and make it a considerably more pleasant, healthy and comfortable place to live.



  • Expo 2020 Thematic Districts, UAE
  • G+2 Private Villa, Al Khawneej, UAE
  • G+4 Commercial & Residential Tower, Meydan, UAE
  • G+4 Labour Accommodation, Jebel Ali, UAE
  • G+4 Staff Accommodation, DIP, UAE
  • G+9 Serenia Residents, Palm Jumeirah, UAE
  • 2B+G+4 Commercial & Office Building @ Wadi Al Safa, UAE
  • G+9 Al Jadaf Residence, UAE
  • Amana Chairman’s Villa, UAE
  • Amer Khansaheb Villa, UAE
  • The Villas and Community Centre – ESAG Charity Foundation, UAE
  • YAS Village, UAE
  • Serenia Residences, UAE
  • Google Innovation Centre, UAE


  • HMP Grampian, UK
  • Eastleigh & Wessex House, UK
  • Brent Civic Centre, UK
  • Telephone House, UK
  • Bentinck Street, UK
  • 99 Clifton Street, UK
  • Church Hill Barn, Colchester, UK

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