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Airports with vast open flowing spaces, constantly varying numbers of people, restaurants, shops, offices and transport links. The effects of doors, lighting, windows and complex roof shapes create a complex task for HVAC engineers who are also cooperating with ambitious structural designers who want to specifically improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

There is complete design flexibility in terms of dimensions, shapes & lengths, and aesthetically enhanced finishes in open-to-view environments.

Spiralite offers a bacteriostatic and antimicrobial laminate ensures highest IAQ in the ventilated areas.

Spiralite’s emphasis on saving energy, cutting costs and reducing environmental impact comes to the fore in these circumstances. Spiralite ductwork has been incorporated into the energy efficiency measures designed into Terminal 2, which is Heathrow’s latest and most efficient BREEAM-certified terminal building.


  • Gatwick Airport CIP Lounge, UK

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