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Spiralite pre-insulated non-metal ducting offers many advantages in refurbishment and retrofit projects. It offers:

  • Weight savings – up to 85% lighter than GSS ducting and insulation with lower overall loads.
  • Labour savings – much easier to transport and install, only 1 fit instead of 2 or 3, minimal disruption in occupied buildings.
  • Space savings – no need for insulation or vapour seal, ideal for lower ceiling levels or narrow ceiling voids.
  • Greater installation flexibility – to circumvent existing structures and last minute changes; easy for under-floor ventilation where ceilings protected.
  • Energy and carbon savings – 25-40% more energy efficient than GSS ductwork and exceptional thermal performance; meaningful reduction in the carbon footprint of the building.
  • Time savings – can be flat packed for ease of delivery to restricted or congested sites.


  • Al Tayer Real Estate Offices, UAE
  • Edelman Offices, UAE
  • Habib Bank Fitout, UAE
  • Modulus Offices, Dubai Design District (D3), UAE
  • Pilates Studio, UAE
  • Lincoln Show Room, UAE
  • Studio Lumen Offices, UAE
  • INC Office Extension, UAE
  • Mirdiff 35 Offices, UAE
  • Katerra Corporate, UAE
  • We Works – Mubadala, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Spacewell Office, UAE

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