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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Spiralite ductwork is often specified for sterile environments such as laboratories, also for environment that has a flow of conditioned air, but is particularly well suited to sterile environments such as hospitals and other medical facilities that have a more onerous requirement for optimal air quality – clean, with the correct volumes, temperature and humidity

The unique design helps to avoid the accumulation of dirt and the shape of the duct removes almost all ‘dead spots’ where eddy currents allow dirt to build up, such as within the corners of rectangular ductwork.


The internal cryogenic laminate has a natural anti-microbial smooth surface with an absence of pitting, preventing the proliferation of microbes and other foreign or hostile organisms. The cryogenic laminate also contains mould inhibiting agent that further maintains the sterility of the surface. Spiralite can also be fabricated with a anti-microbial agent bonded into the cryogenic laminate; this has been tested to be 99.99% successful in killing both E.coli and MRSA bacteria coming into contact with it.



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