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The flow of clean air within high tech engineering or manufacturing facilities is critical to the process. Some products require production in a particle-free environment and contamination by small particles can result in significant problems for sensitive electronics equipment or high performance optics. Specific advantages for Spiralite ductwork in these facilities include:

  • The internal cryogenic laminate is significantly more sterile than the metal and non-lined equivalents, both in terms of its composition and surface quality. It has a natural anti-microbial smooth surface with an absence of pitting, preventing the proliferation of microbes and other foreign/hostile organisms.
  • Spiralite can be fabricated with an anti-microbial agent bonded into the cryogenic laminate; this has been tested to be 99.99% successful in killing both E.coli and MRSA bacteria coming into contact with it
  • Due to the smoothness of the cryogenic laminate and the lower accumulation and adherence of foreign particles, Spiralite is quicker and easier to clean and maintain in a sterile condition.
  • Where hepa-type filters are required to ensure optimal air cleanliness, the high internal negative pressures that they can create have no impact on the structural integrity of Spiralite


  • Tasjeel Vehicle Testing Bay, UAE
  • Range Rover Service Station, Al Quoz, UAE
  • ENOC Tasjeel, RAK, UAE
  • ENOC Station, Sharjah, UAE
  • Wedgwood Factory Refurbishment, UK
  • Ocado Warehouse, UK
  • RLC Globalpoint, UK

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