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Spiralite pre-insulated ductwork provides a cost effective Value Engineering option, as a high quality, robust alternative to the more traditional Galvanised Steel Sheet duct plus lagging, cladding, etc.

Far less time is spent on the site by the mechanical installers.


The use of Spiralite significantly simplifies and reduces site activities:

  • Only one fit for both the ductwork and the insulation (and the weatherproofing for external ductwork) and therefore saves installation time and simplifies site logistics.
  • Results in substantial Health & Safety benefits (no sharp edges, no heavy cutting or lifting equipment required, easier and quicker to install, no toxicity or hazardous materials of any sort, etc.).
  • Easier and quicker to transport to site and to get to the install area.
  • Allows most changes and alterations to be done on site.

Other benefits to M&E contractors include:

  • De-skills the site and allows most fabrication to be done off-site, significantly lowering site risk.
  • Far less time is spent on the site by the mechanical installers.
  • Virtually zero waste on-site and any waste can be fully recycled.
  • Cuts the carbon footprint of the development and results in lower energy use on the subsequent operation of the HVAC system.

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